Musical Season 2018


“Powers and Passions”

The  Musical Association Concertato in collaboration with the Municipality of Monza organizes the 2018 autumn music season, with two concerts in the Maddalena Hall in Monza.

The first concert of the season, “Powers and Passions” will be held on 22nd September 2018, 8:30pm at the Maddalena Hall, Via Santa Maddalena 7, Monza. The program includes works by Rossini, Verdi and Puccini.

Celebrating once again the anniversary of Rossini’s death, the composer is presented in his late and mature phase, when his irony acquires the wisdom of life lived and the awareness that there is nothing new under the sky.

At this stage, Rossini is more closely linked to his great colleagues, Verdi and Puccini. The three Italian composers, now part of a mature movement of late Romanticism, through the lyric work reveal political background, plots, passions, risk and struggles, veiled but still current.

The selected pieces alternate bass, soprano and duets accompanied by the piano.

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Masterclass Anacapri 2018


Six professors, the classical tradition and  the jazz melted together, a wonderful town filled with art and history, an unrepeatable experience.

The Masterclass of Anacapri is renewed in 2018 but it is an unique event.

The Anacapri Masterclass in its first edition of 2017 ended with a success beyond our expectations.

In 2018 the Masterclass will be even more interesting, alive, open and international.


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Concertato is a cultural association, founded by professional musician, listeners and music promoters. We believe that music represents a very important part of the cultural life of everyone, and that by listening, participating and training we will contribute to spread its beauty. Music is a boost for the development of each individual, but above all it contributes to the general well being and realisation.