Anacapri Masterclass 2022



In the wonderful  Anacapri, professors and students will meet for a week dedicated to music and artistic experience.

The Masterclass offers to participants (students of violin, piano, cello, clarinet and chamber music) a full immersion week including lessons, concerts, seminars and workshops, in one of the most famous and renowned locations in the world.


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The Masterclass will take place from 16 to 24 July 2022 in Anacapri and our team is made up of:

  • Dmitri Berlinsky violin / chamber music
  • Johan Stern cello / chamber music
  • Leon Livshin piano / chamber music
  • Elias Faingersh solo trombone / scenic improvisation workshop
  • Anton Dressler clarinet / chamber music
  • Veronika Koprivica piano / chamber music and artistic direction

Now in its fifth edition, the Anacapri Masterclass can boast the precious collaboration of the Municipality of Anacapri and the various tourist and cultural operators present in the area.

The Masterclass has gradually consolidated its fame among international students: students from US, Germany, Austria, Eastern and Northern European conservatories are preparing for our winning, inspirational, energizing and positive musical week.

In the four previous editions the Masterclass has seen the collaboration with professors and exponents of the New York Academy of Music, Michigan State University, Conservatorie du Bruxelles, Conservatorie du Paris, Music Academy Gotebourg, Music Academy London, Gilldhul School of Music, Conservatory of Milan, Hochschule Hamburg, Wien Musik Akademie, Civic School of Milan, Akademija Pristina, Akademija Novi Sad, Conservatory of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Ricordi Music School of Milan, Liceo Margherita di Savoia of Naples.

In four editions professors and students played more than 20 concertos, had 320 hours of lessons, 60 hours of workshops and conferences.


The planned events in the week are:



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L’ Associazione

Siamo un gruppo di musicisti professionisti, intenditori ascoltatori e promotori della musica. Crediamo che la musica rappresenti un’importantissima componente della nostra vita culturale e che con l’ascolto, la partecipazione e la formazione si diffonda la sua bellezza. Pensiamo anche che la musica rappresenti uno stimolo per lo  sviluppo di ogni individuo, ma contribuisca soprattutto al benessere di tutti.