Festival Museo da Camera, Studio Museo Francesco Messina, Milan


Museo da Camera

During October 2021, the audience warmly applauded the opera and duets of Cecilia Bernini and Andrea Civetta and later the masterpieces of German romantic chamber music played by  Trio Concertato (Koprivica, Villanueva and Zyumbrovskiy).

In November, the two proposed concerts  feature young soloists whose careers are in the making, the Italian-English cellist Alessandro Parfitt and the Serbian pianist Viktor Radić.



The first appointment on November 13 contemplates the Baroque and Classical period with the Suite for Cello solo  by J. S. Bach and Beethoven’s first sonata for Piano and Cello.

This eighteenth-century opera was the first sonata composed for this combination of instruments, thanks to Beethoven’s inspiration for one of the most talented cellists of the time, Jean-Louis Duport.

Beethoven exploited the novelty to move more freely in the presentation of musical ideas and in the form of the composition (which, for example, has only two movements).

The suite of Cassadò, cellist and composer influenced like many Spanish composers of the early 20th century by Maurice Ravel, recalls the Sardanian dance, typical of Catalonia, with an impressionistic style.

The pianist Viktor Radic, in the concert on November 27, will present two important piano pieces: Carnaval by R. Schumann and Miroirs by M. Ravel, which with great delicacy connect and conclude the program of the month, with daring experiments on notes that are repeated in 22 short pieces and the theme of mirrors, favourite of contemporary musicians, artists and writers.

Francesco Messina Museum Studio, Via S. Sisto, 6, Milan (MM Duomo)

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