Anacapri Masterclass – Berlinsky and Koprivica Concert (July 13, 2017)

The final event of the Anacapri 2017 Masterclass is the concert by Veronika Koprivica and Dmitri Berlinsky. Berlinsky ( is a mature and acclaimed violinist. Koprivica, pianist and artistic director of the Concertato Association, is the soul and the organizer of this event. Companions at the Conservatory of Moscow, they met again tonight to offer us a show of harmony and style. In the playlist music of Brahms, Tschaikovsky and Saint Saens, for a competent an happy audience.   Many thanks to Veronika Koprivica e a Dmitri Berlinsky for this wonderful evening. The Sala Paradiso was made available by the...

Anacapri Masterclass – Students’ Concert (July 12, 2017)

  The seafront terrace at Hotel Caesar Augustus in Anacapri was the perfect setting for the concert of Anacapri Masterclass students. A place where actually music starts. A piano overlooking the sea, the music of our students, the sunset over the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast … a memorable evening!               The terrace was kindly made available by Hotel Caesar Augustus. Thank you. Photographs ©Associazione Concertato 2017

Anacapri Masterclass – Yoffe and Vaiman Concert (July 11, 2017)

The second event of the Anacapri Masterclass took place on July 11, 2017. On the stage of the Sala Cinema Paradiso in Anacapri Dina Yoffe, piano and Michael Vaiman, violin, played music from Liszt, Schumann and Brahms. What can be written  about a couple that  from the Moscow State Conservatory till today  has ben living and playing together on stages worldwide? Yoffe ( and Vaiman ( delighted us with a brilliant, exciting, musical and gorgeous concert. A heartfelt thanks to Dina Yoffe and Michael Vaiman for this wonderful evening. The Sala Paradiso was made available by the Municipality of Anacapri, which...

Masterclass of Anacapri – the concert of Geringas and Malikova (July 9, 2017)

  The first Masterclass event is the cello and piano concert by professors David Geringas and Anna Malikova with music of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms. On stage David Geringas (, acclaimed international concertist and musically son of Rostropovich and Anna Malikova (, concertist and teacher with an excellent resume.   The program in detail: – L. Beethoven: 7 Variations Es-Dur –  F. Mendelssohn: Sonate D-Dur op.58 – J. Brahms: Sonate e-moll op.38 We are proud to have hosted as professors and concertists Malikova and Geringas and this exciting concert opened the Masterclass with a truly exceptional interpretation and performance quality. The Sala...

A Masterclass retrospective

  The Anacapri Masterclass in its first edition ended with success, well beyond our expectations. In short: 6 professors 16 students from all over the world (Italy, United States, Switzerland, Japan, Holland, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Kosovo) 4 concerts of very high musical and expressive quality 42 lessons A career management conference A town that has turned out to be a wonderful stage, full of art and history, Anacapri We will propose you photos and tales of each of these experiences, to share them and prepare us for the 2018 edition. A thank you to all professors, students and all the...

The Anacapri Masterclass starts today!

  Today the Anacapri Masterclass of Anacapri is starting,  with the arrival of our professors and first students. We look forward to meet you at concerts, lessons and events organized by the Masterclass in the wonderful locations made available by the City Council,  Citizens and Institutions. Download here the program (in Italian) For further information  

Concerts of the Anacapri Masterclass

The program of the concerts of the Anacapri Masterclass is available. In detail: Sunday 09 July 2017 h 21.30 Sala Cinema Paradiso David Geringas, cello Anna Malikova, piano Programma: Beethoven, Mendelhson, Bruch, Brahms   Monday 11 July 2017 h 21.30 Sala Cinema Paradiso Dina Yoffe, piano Michael Vaiman, violino Programma: Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Brahms   Wednesday 12 July 2017 h 19.30 Concert of the Masterclass students Terrazza Hotel “Cesare Augustus”   Tuesday 13 luglio 2017 h 21.30 Sala Cinema Paradiso Dmitri Berlinsky, violin Veronika Koprivica, piano Mozart, Brahms, Tschaikovsky, Ravel, Saint Saens   For information,