Anacapri Masterclass 2017 – Details

The masterclass is dedicated to young and talented professional musicians (piano, violin and cello)

Over the 7 days, you will have the chance to improve your skills via  listening or playing and exercising or studying in the company of your international colleagues in a stunning beautiful place.

The masterclass will take place in the beautiful town of Anacapri, located in the Capri Island, in the Neaples Gulf in Southern Italy form July 7th to July 14th 2017.

Professors are David Geringas, Dmitri Berlinsky, Anna Malikova, Dina Yoffe, Michael Vaiman, Veronika Koprivica.

1 . Lessons and practice

First, the lessons are 3 (one hour each, with the chosen professor). Lessons are planned to be on every second day so that students can exercise in the mean time using the available locations.

You can choose to be active student in the lesson or auditor (different rates apply).

Free entrance to concerts, recitals and other events organised during the masterclass is granted to the participants.

2. Professor concerts

Second,  four evening concerts by the professors are planned. You will be able to listen renowned musicians as David Geringas, Dmitri Berlinsky, Anna Malikova, Dina Yoffe, Michael Vaiman and have small talks and sharing of ideas with the other students

3. Students concerts and grants

Two student’s concert are opened to all public and enthusiasts. Professors will define performers between students. Concerts will be shared on social network and YouTube.

At the end of the Masterclass, professors and Anacapri Township representatives will decide one or more masterclass grant winners.

An Masterclass Participation Certificate will be given to all active participants.

4 . Accomodation and trips  

Accommodations and trips are not included in the Masterclass fees.

Accommodations at discounted price will be available to students. We will put soon on this page all possible facilities for students.

Please consider that Capri Island is a very crowded tourist destination, so book flights and train tickets in a reasonable time to get the best tariffs and find easily a seat.

5. Fees

Students: 100€ (entry fee) + 600€ (lessons)

Auditors: 100€ (entry fee)

Auditors (single entrance): 20€


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